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Taking payment for UserPoints

UserPoints now includes support for users buying points. To make use of it, work through the following steps:

  1. First install the Payage component and then at least one payment plugin from Les Arbres Design. This is currently free software and can be found at their web page for Payage. In the Joomla admin manage extensions page, make sure all Payage items are published.
  2. You will need to configure the payment methods, please see the Payage User Guide. This is done through the Payage admin interface.
  3. Configure the UserPoints options that relate to Payage. Select the currency you wish to offer from the choices that are available with your configured payment methods. Select the number of points per currency unit. For example, if you work in dollars, and want points to be worth one cent, enter 100 as the number of points per currency unit. If you want points to be worth one dollar, enter 1.
  4. Create a menu item using the UserPoints payment option. Payments can only be made when logged in, UserPoints will give an error message if the payment function is invoked when not logged in.
  5. Check that the mechanism is working. You will see history in the UserPoints activities. You can also get a lot of transaction details through the Payage admin interface. You can also activate a refund in the Payage admin interface.

In addition to the ability to have users choose the amount they want to spend on points, there is also a module to buy a fixed number of points. This can be implemented multiple times so as to create a variety of points purchase options. The text of the module is configurable through the standard admin interface. If you want to sell points exclusively through modules, the component options now include the ability to turn off the standard text that asks the user to choose the amount to pay. You can instead use the payments menu item to show one or more modules.

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