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Remository Modules

The Remository component automatically installs several modules. They are removed if Remository is uninstalled.


The multi-module is a very flexible module for providing lists of files. There are a number of alternative selections of files that can be chosen:

  • Newest Files - the files most recently added to the repository
  • Most requested last x days - analyses the logs for x days and picks most downloaded
  • Most downloads ever - files with the highest total number of downloads
  • Random file selection - picks files at random

For each file a number of fields can be shown on each line. The fields available are:

  • File Title
  • Folder Containing File - Name (and link) to the container of the file
  • Thumbnail - shows the file thumbnail, if any
  • File Date
  • Number of Downloads
  • Description of the file
  • Name of user who submitted file
  • File size
  • Joomla Update link

The last item (Joomla Update link) is intended to be used only to display a list of the newest files for the site administrator. It provides the links needed to include in the XML used for Joomla Update.

Remository Tree

Suitable for small repositories, the tree module gives a diagrammatic display of the repository. The name of the root can be configured, and the root can either be the whole repository or the number of a container for a partial view. One or more containers can be hidden. Containers are always shown, but showing files is optional.

Remository Containers

This is a simple module that lists the top level containers ask links.

Remository Total

Even simpler is the total module - it simply shows the total number of files in the repository.

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