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Remository as a Joomla Update Server

Remository can be used to serve software updates in line with the Joomla Update standard. Access is controlled by the Remository access control system. You can specify for each Remository container what groups can access the files. Group membership for users can be managed by a subscription system, such as Membership Pro. The permissions work the same for downloads through Remository or through Joomla Update.

To make the system work, your software has to include a mechanism for your customers to save a hash. On your web site, you publish the Remository Update Server module (perhaps on the same page as user profile). It will show the user the hash they need to use. Your software must allow them to enter the hash, and you need to update the #__update_sites database table by putting hash=xxx into the “extra_query” field, where xxx is the hash entered by the user.

The other step is the set up the update XML correctly. You can be helped in this by the Remository multi-module. Create an instance of it and publish it for administrators only. Choose the option for newest files, and select at a minimum the fields “File Title” and “Joomla Update Link”. Use the link provided in the XML download entry. The XML is described in the Joomla documentation.

The link from the module display is inserted into the line:

   <downloadurl type="full" format="zip">XXX</downloadurl>

in place of XXX.

Alternatively, you can construct the link manually - the only thing that changes is the file ID.

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